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New and advanced sterilizer – installation and operation for the sterilization of customers’ products.

 9.2009 - A new and a technologically-advanced sterilizer, having a volume of 41m3, was added to the existing sterilizers at Mediplast. During the sterilization process in this sterilizer, all of the sterilization steps (dynamic conditioning, exposure to ETO, air rinsings and aeration/degassing) are performed inside the chamber. In addition, concentration of ETO during the exposure phase is monitored continuously (using an IR detector) and plotted vs. Time on the recorder chart. IQ and OQ of this sterilizer have been performed. Upon completion of the validation of the sterilizer (PQ physical and microbiological) in compliance with the EN ISO 11135:2007. The sterilizer is available to customers that need to sterilize large volumes. The operation of this sterilizer is a significant contribution to the improvement of the service offered to our customers.

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